Spirit Week: Color and Cultural Day

Acaciawood had its annual Spirit Week from February 19-22. It was a great opportunity for all of the students to express their school spirit in a fun, relaxing environment. The last two days of the week were Color Day and Cultural Day.

On color day, each class was assigned a certain color to wear. Color Day was a fun theme to participate in, as individual class spirit was thoroughly expressed. The homeroom class that displayed the most effort to wear as much of their color as possible was awarded the most points.

The final day of the week was Cultural Day, in which each class selected a country to culturally represent. During lunch, each class served food from their country to all of the other students, teachers, family members, and visitors attending the event. Each class was awarded points based on how well their booth, clothing, and food accurately represented their country’s culture. The event was very fun as all of the students were able to try new food and learn about other countries.