Spring Elementary Music Performance

On February 8, 2019, the elementary students performed an amazing music performance. The performance was called Go West. In my opinion, this was the best music performance I have seen so far. 

The directors of this music performance were Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Romero. They have done an exceptional job putting together this performance for the students to showcase. The performance especially could not have been done without the parents. We all would like to thank Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Romero and all the parents for all the hard work for this performance.

The performance was called Go West focusing on the Gold Rush. We learned some historical information regarding the Gold Rush like for example, the invention of the steam boat. We also learned about fools gold and that the real gold is in everyone’s mind. The real gold is the ideas of the people for the future.

This performance not only had fun and amazing songs but a valuable lesson all of us can learn from.