January Teacher of the Month – Mrs. Rosales

Congratulations to Mrs. Rosales for being named the Teacher of the Month for January! The ASC Outreach Committee interviewed her via email and these were her responses.

1. How does it feel to be named Acaciawood’s Teacher of the Month?

I am very happy and honored to be chosen as Acaciawood’s Teacher of the Month for January. Happy because my years of handwork is recognized and honored because Acaciawood, the institution I have so much respect for, is the one giving me the recognition. I am not really expecting this. For me this is an icing on the cake. Isn’t this a good way to start the year? This is also a very good motivation for me to keep doing what I am doing and even go beyond.

2. What are some methods that you utilize in order to keep your students motivated to learn and work hard?

Biology is a hard and rigorous subject. You can attest to that being my student this year. I can name different teaching methods that I have tried in the classroom which I know most teachers use but for me methods are secondary, it is the teacher that motivates the students. My sincerity, diligence and concern for every student’s learning I think is the one that motivates the students to learn and work hard. If my students don’t see me working hard I don’t think I can motivate them to do the same. I am also not afraid to try new things specially if I know that these will help my students learn difficult concepts that’s why even if I have been teaching the same things year in and year out I don’t just recycle my materials. I always research for up to date teaching techniques and methods.

3. How many years have you taught at Acaciawood, and what have you learned and/or gained from your numerous experiences?

I started teaching Acaciawood in 2008 so I have been teaching Acaciawood for 10 years now. From these numerous years of teaching I have learned that I am not only teaching students but I am preparing vessels for God’s economy. I also learned that like the Body of Christ, I need all the members of Acaciawood such as the administration, the teachers and the parents to prepare these young vessels. I am so blessed to be in Acaciawood. There is no better place to be.

4. What was your most memorable teaching experience?

Every year is a memorable year for me and every class leaves a special place in my heart. Each year I can get to know students, learn new experiences and meet new challenges but the most memorable teaching experience for me is when I see my students’ progress in their learning capacity, on how they are able to learn difficult concepts and develop critical thinking. I am sometimes surprised and even impressed with how well my students are able to answer really touch essay questions, and how they are able to explain intricate and complex processes. The most rewarding (and of course memorable) moment is when I see so much progress specially with the struggling ones over the span of just few months.

5. As a 9th and 10th grade teacher, what are a few of the key concepts that you work to instill within your students throughout the school year in your core classes?

Well, there are so many key concepts that my students learn in my Bio class. To mention a few from quarter 1 to the present, my students already learned about the cell, the cell cycle, cell division (mitosis and meiosis), the DNA, DNA replication, the RNA, protein synthesis, genetics (which is a very broad topic), photosynthesis and cellular respiration (with all the complex processes that go with them such as the light dependent and light independent reactions, glycolysis, Krebs cycle, electron transport chain), evolution through natural selection, Hardy Weinberg equilibrium, ecosystem, different interactions in the ecosystem, biomes, and population. In Q4 we will be learning about the human body anatomy and the different body systems. It will be a difficult but interesting topic to learn but I know the students will have lots of fun.