November Teacher of the Month – Mrs. Hearne

Congratulations to Mrs. Hearne on being named November Teacher of the Month. The ASC Outreach Committee conducted an email with her via email and these are her responses.

1. What made you choose Acaciawood to teach at when you moved back to the United States?

While David and I were still in Israel, a saint found out that I was a certified teacher, was currently teaching middle school reading at a Palestinian Christian school, and would be moving back to Anaheim.  They mentioned my situation to the administration and shortly afterwards I received a phone call from them.  We discussed the schools needs and my situation.  I asked them for some time to consider before the Lord if this was what He was wanting me to do.  As I spent time with the Lord, praying and asking Him, His speaking became clear to me.  He had given His answer and feeling to me, along with His peace and flow of life to accept a teaching position at Acaciawood Preperatory School. 
2. Why did you decide to teach sixth grade when you first started teaching here?
I began teaching 6th grade because there was an opening for 6th Grade and I had currently been teaching 5th and 6th grade. 
3. What is your favorite part about being a teacher?
I enjoy seeing my students grow both academically and humanly. I also enjoy all of the fun memories and relationships made with each student. I also appreciate and treasure the Lord placing me with such wonderful coworkers to care for the students and families.
4. What is your most effective way of teaching?
I enjoy teaching the students with mini lessons and giving students a good model for their understanding and expectation.  Ultimately, I like to engage the students with little hands on activities or projects to try to foster their learning of a concept. I also feel strongly that it is healthy and needed for a teacher to be open to try new teaching strategies and activities in order to maximize student growth potential. 
5. How do you approach discipline?
 I believe discipline should be firm, fair, consistent and above all done in love. I believe discipline in the classroom runs more smoothly when the teacher has an established relationship with each student and where the students know that the teacher genuinely cares for them.