Teacher Appreciation Announcement

Teacher Appreciation is this Thursday, January 17, 2019. We can express our appreciation for our teachers by signing up to donate and/or help during this wonderful time.

There will be a communal breakfast and lunch provided for teachers, and parents are invited to join for lunch. The cost is $7.00 per person.

October Teacher of the Month – Mrs. Kayekjian

Congratulations to Mrs. Kayekjian for being the October Teacher of the Month! The ASC Outreach Committee interviewed her via email and these were her responses.
1. What encouraged you to teach at Acaciawood over any other school?
As someone who worked at the beginning to help found this school, the original mission of AWP, to provide a higher standard of education and character development in order to build up the next generation was very inspiring.

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Volleyball Season Recap

This year’s volleyball team was unlike no other. The team really bonded in such an intimate way, a kind of bond that hasn’t been seen in years. Although there were heartbreaking losses, there was never a game where we did not pour out our hearts on the court. The majority of the games were close in score, however, due to multiple injuries, we were unable keep up with the other team. Overall, this season was a great success.

Our most exciting game was against Bethel Baptist, in which we won: 3-2. Here is a recap of the game, written by Coach Pester:  Continue reading “Volleyball Season Recap”

Basketball Season Preview

The basketball team after its season kickoff luncheon.

The 2018-2019 edition of the young Eagles basketball team kicked off the year playing one of their more difficult schedules in some time as the Eagles have joined the Western Athletic Conference for this year and are currently playing up in a division with schools much larger than us: Lutheran Laverne (sent a player to the NBA 7 years ago), St. Michaels, Tarbut V Torah (CIF champion in previous years), Brethren Christian (former home of 7 ft 5′ UCI center Mamadou Ndiaye), Avalon and Samueli – schools with over 250-500 high school students.

Losing 3 tough seniors from last year’s team the Eagles have reloaded with a bright young freshman class, some transfers and some returning players from last year.  The returnees include:

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September Teacher of the Month – Mrs. Kangas

Congratulations to Mrs. Kangas on being named Teacher of the Month for September! The ASC Outreach Committee interviewed her via email on behalf of this recognition.

1. How does it feel to be named Acaciawood’s first Teacher of the Month?
It was quite a surprise to hear about this new program at AWP and to be chosen as the first Teacher of the Month. I was completely astonished and  honored.

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