Dining for Dollars Announcement – Rubio’s

ASC would like to remind the AWP community about the Dining for Dollars event this Thursday, February 28, 2019. It will be at Rubio’s in Anaheim Plaza, where delicious fish tacos and entrees are served. The address is 520 N Euclid St, Anaheim, CA 92801. As a reminder, you must bring the event flyer in order to participate in the fundraiser. Hope to see you all there!

December Teacher of the Month – Mr. Hageman


Congratulations to Mr. Hageman on being named Teacher of the Month for December! The ASC Outreach Committee interviewed him on behalf of this recognition.
How does it feel to be named Acaciawood’s Teacher of the Month for the month of December?

I am happy to be recognized for my hard work on behalf of the families of Acaciawood! My desire is to serve the school community, to make it a better place for the students, and to learn how to be the best teacher I can be.

What are some methods that you utilize in order to keep your students motivated to learn and work hard?

In my math classes, I believe that regular quizzes and tests with fast feedback keeps students motivated to stay on top of their studies. Since there is an assessment nearly every week, it doesn’t give students the opportunity to procrastinate very much. I also try to give students who I see as struggling more personal help and encouragement.

How many years have you taught at Acaciawood, and what have you learned and/or gained from your numerous experiences?

This is my 12th year teaching at Acaciawood. Since our school is very small, I have had many opportunities to contribute to decision-making that affects the direction of the school. I have helped with the improvement of technology, introduction of new AP courses, production of the senior banquets, and strengthening of the high school science and math department. I love being able to contribute to the overall improvement of the school. I have learned to always be thinking about ways to improve the school, to not be satisfied with the routine of my teaching job, and to get excited by the endless possibilities of new ways to do things.

Which grade level, if any, would you say is your favorite to teach?

I really appreciate getting to teach the 11th-12th graders because I think I can help them learn important habits for college if I push them in my Physics, Precalculus, and Calculus classes. These are subjects I actually enjoy myself, so it is not difficult for me to teach them. What is challenging to me is making the subject enjoyable and interesting for my students. I gladly take this challenge because my effort will directly help my students in just a few years. This is not to say that I don’t enjoy teaching the younger students. I also appreciate their enthusiasm and energy, and I am learning to harness it to become an effective 6th grade science teacher and 7th grade computer literacy teacher.

As a 6th, 7th, and 9-12th grade teacher, what are a few of the key concepts that you work to instill within your students throughout the school year in your core classes?
I believe that consistent effort and hard work produces many more benefits than just a good grade or some new knowledge. I expect my students to develop a work ethic in my classes that will help enable them to reach their goals. Since my math and science classes often have problems that require rigorous calculations, and these require a number of steps to solve, I require my students to be able to show their work neatly. This is not easy, and I try to model what I expect again and again. Finally, as I said before, I love science and math. I hope my students will pick up some of my enthusiasm for these subjects and learn to love learning.